The Year Ahead for the Global Economy: 99 Problems and More

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Bitch? Nope…

Perhaps it’s a measure of how unexciting my life is that I look forward to Deloitte economist Ian Stewart’s quarterly webinars. The latest one, titled “The world economy in 2017: prospects, risks, opportunities”, is available here. If you don’t have 50 minutes to spend looking at powerpoint slides, you can read the summary here.

So what does Ian think is in store for 2017?

The US is projected to grow faster than last year, Europe and the UK are (unsurprisingly) expected to continued to be mired in bullshit politics, peddled to the so-called disenchanted classes by unscrupulous opportunists[1].

China is slowing, but India is not. Now that oil companies have won the US election, the select few in Russia, Nigeria and Venezuela will be able to afford a new gilded lavatory for the pool house.

It looks like the pound is likely to stay – more or less – in the ditch.

I, being one of the citizens of the world and therefore of nowhere (thanks, Theresa. I so do wish I could care about your opinion) will have to double down on saving, if I want to have the same lifestyle in the big wide Nowhere as I planned to have before our country’s widely publicised geopolitical suicide.

I’m toying with an idea of reducing the allocation of UK government bonds in the Freedom Fund from 30% to c.20%. Especially if inflation is coming.


  1. Although I have a special place of loathing for opportunistic scumbags like Farage, Le Pen, and that halfwit Dutchman Geert Wilders, I also have very little sympathy for the morons who follow them. Our country’s “barely managing middle” is the global 1% in terms of income. That’s right, if you have a gross annual income of US$32,400 or more, you’re better off than 6.93 billion people living on this planet (also known as those furrin bastards who want to come here and steal our NHS).