Favourite Videos: Brexit

A truly great thing about having a blog that isn’t monetised (#notonepenny) is this: I can say whatever the hell I please without having to worry about losing revenue by alienating some readers.

If one of my sixteen readers decides to ditch me because of what I have to say about Britain’s recent geopolitical suicide, well, then I suppose I’ll still have fifteen readers left 😉 Which may be fifteen more than I deserve, but let’s not go there.

My views on Brexit are no secret. I think it is the worst idea since that idiot at that ski resort in Italy stole a protective mat from a metal barrier at the bottom of the slope to use as a makeshift sledge, and then got brained when his DYI sledge slammed into the very same barrier that he’d stolen the protective matting from.

I can’t see any non-humiliating ways out of this.

Exit, reason
Enter, Brexit
Take my hand
We’re off to never-never land

– James Hetfield

Oh well.


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