Stocktake: Q3 2018

And now she leads the Trojan chief along The lofty walls, amidst the busy throng; Displays her Tyrian wealth, and rising town, Which love, without his labour, makes his own.

What’s new?

This has been The Quarter of Paying for Expensive Holidays. I’ve had a look at the past few years’ savings and expenditure record… there’s a pattern emerging.

I start out the year with the best of intentions and a bit of a spending hangover from Christmas. Ski trip costs usually hit the first quarter, but frugal living in all other areas kind of balances it all out. Q2 is the best – I book flights for summer holidays (with Avios) and pay deposits for summer holidays where required (not a lot), and that’s about it.

And then I reach Q3 and fall off the wagon. This year has been especially bad. I’m not buying any stuff, but I have managed to more than compensate for that by spending on consumables and experiences – restaurants, booze and travel. Oh well.

In other news, I’ve met someone new. I probably should be knocking on wood as I type this, but anyway, I think hope this one could be it.

Savings rate: 60%

The actual year to date average is 61%. Pass.

Property wealth: overpay mortgage by £20k

Not going to happen. Fail.

Pension wealth: use up all available allowance

On track.

Financial wealth: Emergency Fund & Freedom Fund

The goal was to top up the Emergency Fund to £30k. Done.

Continue with regular savings into the S&S ISA. Also done… So it’s a pass.

Tax: pay no more than £25k of income tax in 2017/18 tax year



6 thoughts on “Stocktake: Q3 2018”

  1. > I’ve met someone new. I probably should be knocking on wood as I type this, but anyway, I think hope this one could be it.

    Yay! Whisper it sotto voce, but here’s to restaurants and experiences 😉


    1. We did it yesterday, almost by accident. Museums in London are also free, and tend to involve some walking around 😉 Alas, we both enjoy a good meal washed down with decent wine…. So whatever good walking may do to our waist lines and wallets, it all gets undone at the end.


    1. Sorry to hear about Another One… But despair not, my friend: it is entirely possible that the Next One may turn out to be The One 😉 I have to say, if indeed my luck has finally turned, this has happened entirely unexpectedly.


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