This is Why I Drink: Credit Rating Agencies


Experian and I go way back. The relationship is complicated.

Nine years ago my property purchase was almost derailed because of something Experian’s computer system did to my credit history. That was the gist of Experian’s explanation, anyway. My explanation: as an organisation, Experian are a bunch of dipshits entirely unfit to be the custodians of records. Equifax are no different.

I hate owing anything to anyone, and I hate being hassled, which is why I avoid debt where I can, and I never miss credit payments. So why oh why did my Experian credit score take a sharp dive for no apparent reason, before recovering back to where it had been, also for no apparent reason? 

I moved house.

Following the move, I, being a slightly obsessive and a very paranoid individual, notified all relevant banks, insurance companies, investment brokers, pension providers and electoral registration offices of this happy occasion. The following month my Eperian credit score went from the excellent 999 to 977, and then to 955 in the month after, before returning back to 999 thirty days later. 


ClearScore, who use Equifax data, were also far from clear. Their credit score went from 533 to 424 to 545 over the period of three months. The only change in the real world was the postcode.

So here it is: credit rating agencies and their methods of raking people in the order of creditworthiness make no effing sense whatsoever. But we already knew that, didn’t we?


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