One-in, One-out Year

Then, sourly smiling, thus the king replied:
“For what belongs to me, let Jove provide

Remember when I did the No New Stuff Year? Well, that particular year lasted 8 months. Whatever.

This year I’ll try something that – I hope – is going to be more achievable. The rule is quite simple: whenever I buy or allow someone to gift me any physical object, I must throw another physical object away. It doesn’t have to be in the same category, or of similar size, or anything like that. Simply whenever an item enters my house, another must leave my house at the same time.

  • Leave means leave, as opposed to being taken to the loft or the shed.
  • Sets count as the number of individual items in the set.
  • Consumables such as food and toothpaste are excluded.

To celebrate this new resolution I have just bought a set of 24 acrylic paint brushes, and am now scrambling for 24 pieces of random junk to throw away 😳.

I don’t expect this will help me declutter, but hope it’ll halt the steady accumulation of clutter, help bring the need vs want into focus and reduce impulse buying… which should benefit both my soul and my wallet.


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