Stocktake: Q4 2021

All things bright and beautiful

What’s new?

Wedlock. Yours Truly has joined the Married Persons Club, on a budget, obviously. I think the low cost of our wedding warrants a separate post. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

How’s the progress?

Overall progress to financial independence stands at 65%. Nothing to write home about. I hope the pace picks soon, for I am well and truly ready to retire. Going back to the office in mid-2021 was torture.

I failed on Savings Rate goal (again), but managed to use up all my pension and ISA allowances, and I’ve overpaid the mortgage as planned. The emergency fund is still where it should be. All things considered, I’ll give me a C+.

I need to focus on the Freedom Fund – the pot of money that Mr & Mrs HoSimpson will live on until I can get my hands on my pension. Not to worry, I have a plan for that… now that I have two ISA allowances to use!

Happy New Year 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stocktake: Q4 2021”

  1. Congratulations! It’s fair enough not hitting your Savings Rate goal, it’s not every year that you get married. Two ISA allowances – but twice the FIRE target mind you…


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