2023 Goals

To them no bounds of empire I assign, Nor term of years to their immortal line.

I use ONS metrics for net worth related goals[1] – why reinvent the wheel? Calling home equity “property wealth” might be somewhat silly, but it seemed reasonable to keep the ONS terminology intact for consistency.

Savings rate

Maintain a savings rate above 50%. Monthly savings rates don’t matter so long as the year to date average is at or above target.

Property wealth

Reduce the mortgage by £25,000 or more.

Pension wealth

Use up all available pension allowance.

Financial wealth

Use up all ISA allowance.


Pay no more than £50,000 income tax in 2022 / 2023 tax year.


  1. Except for property, where I don’t take into account any revaluations, hence here and everywhere else in this blog property wealth = purchase price – outstanding mortgage balance.