Blogs I Like

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Bank Underground is written by BoE staff. In their blurb they say that their posts “employ different styles and tools – techy statistical analysis, dipping into the Bank’s archives, wonkish theoretical pieces, imagining future challenges, model simulations, big data and anything else [they] can think of”. Just keep talking dirty to me, baby.

Monevator. If you’re only going to read one FI blog, read this. The guy is doing a public service. Don’t believe me? Check out his post on how gold is taxed.

Retirement Investing Today is inspirational, instructive and well written. Mr RIT has learned the ropes through trial and error and is sharing his knowledge with those attempting to follow a similar path.

Ermine’s Simple Living In Somerset (formerly Suffolk) is more than just about FI. Some of his how-to-retire-early writeup is not quite relevant to me: he started later, has a DB pension.  But his is a voice of reason; I share his sense of ridiculous. My only complaint to Ermine is about a lack of a posting schedule. At times I have to go for a fortnight or more without a new post to read, and with no certainty as to whether / when it will appear. It’s upsetting.

Living a FI lives in the Land of the Free, but I find that the main themes of spending less than you earn and not being stupid with how you invest the difference apply on this side of the pond as well. His work experience series is so close to home it hurts.

David of Raptitude is Canadian, writes mostly about how to live when you’re FI. His interview with The Man should be required reading at school.

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