Stocktake: Q4 2020

When one chooses to walk the way of Mandalore the Frugal, one must stick to one’s budget.

What’s new?

Nothing. Because: lockdown.

Overall progress to financial independence stands at 56%. Not great, and I can’t even blame COVID for it.

I failed on Savings Rate and Mortgage goals (again), but managed to use up all my pension and ISA allowances. The emergency fund is where it should be. All things considered, financially this year has been nothing to write home about.

Having said this, my overall investment return was better than for most people. Because: I was lucky enough to have a bit of cash when the market was crashing in March, and I happened to invest most of that cash in VWRL. Luck more than skill, methinks.

But money is not everything. Despite me not making much progress towards financial independence this year, I think 2020 was awesome! We got engaged, sorted out some building work that was in need of sorting, and even managed to have three foreign holidays in between lockdowns. I have a lot to be grateful for, and grateful I am indeed.

Live long and prosper 🖖.

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